Our Mission

NJF LONG LOGONewcastle Jazz Festival benefits the residents, local musicians and music enthusiasts of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the wider North East region; as well as music venues, local business and education establishments including universities and schools.

We produce an annual Jazz Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne – our programming passionately includes both local and national artists.

NJF aims to engage a diverse array of local and national jazz musicians over the course of the festival.  We hope to grow in future years, and use a range of venues in the city.  In doing so the festival aims to benefit a number of local businesses; not least by the diversification of audiences who will experience, discover and engage with high quality artists throughout the city.

In coming years, as the festival develops we hope to enhance jazz education within the region by providing workshops and master classes for adult learners as well as schools and further education establishments.

The festival will provide opportunity for young musicians from a range of backgrounds and establishments to perform throughout the event.

Master classes hosted by festival artists for both young and adult learners and will also be available.  University students will be encouraged to develop their skills by working with professional touring musicians.

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